In order to further improve its programs and services and to ensure we are meeting your educational needs, Student Success Services put together a short survey found below. Please take a moment to fill it out. This survey is confidential, so please share your answers, comments or suggestions. Thank you.

Question 1

Spending time exploring your skills, interests, values, and personality is NOT necessary when selecting a major.

Question 2

An activity you can engage in to help you learn more about a particular major is:

Question 3

The Career Center website offers resources for researching jobs and careers related to particular majors.

Question 4

In order to declare a major you must get a faculty member from that major to sign the Declaration of Major form.

Question 5

Two offices that provide resources and assistance related to choosing a major are:

Question 6

Picking a major and a career are the same thing.

Question 7

Choosing one major means giving up all others.