MCOM453 Health Center Survey

Introduction Directions/Overview
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. This survey should take about five minutes to complete and your answers will help us gain insight into what you know about the Towson Health Center. Please know your responses will remain anonymous, so we would appreciate that you answer every question truthfully, considering it will help us understand and evaluate the current efforts of the Health Center. With this information we will be able to better serve the Towson community's wants and needs.
The Towson Health Center Awareness
The following items are designed to help us better understand what you know about the Towson Health Center.
Question 1
Have you ever been to the Towson Health Center?
Question 2
In which building is the Towson Health Center located?
Question 3
When is the Towson Health Center open?
Question 4
Check all services that student health services offers at the Towson Health Center:
The Towson Health Center Preparation
In this section we would like to see what pre-visit information you know about the Towson Health Center's operations.
Question 5
What method of payment does the Towson Health Center use? (Check all that apply)
Question 6
What do you need to bring to an appointment at the Towson Health Center? (Check all that apply)
Question 7