Thank you for attending an event hosted by the Office of Student Transition Programs. We hope that you have identified useful people, places, and strategies to achieve success during your time at Stockton. Please respond to the questions pertaining to the event you attended Fall 2021. We look forward to using your responses to enhance the academic and social experience for all students.

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Select one or more of the following categories that apply to you:

Question 4

With which gender do you identify?

Question 5

Are you a residential or commuter student?

Question 6

Are you a transfer student?

Question 7

Are you a first-generation student (First-generation students are those whose parents or guardians have not obtained a four-year college degree)?

Question 8

What is your status?

Question 9

Please select the event that you are currently attending.

Question 10

Are there other programs you would like to see on campus?