October 20, 2020, Structured Conversation

The SAAL Professional Development Committee is pleased to announce, our next SAAL Structured Conversation is scheduled for Tuesday October 20th from 2:00-3:00 PM CST titled "Affective learning outcomes: Incorporating states of mind into assessment practice" with Vince Nix, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at Lamar University and Misty Song, doctoral student at Abilene Christian University; the conversation will be hosted by Dr. Kerry Klima, Associate Director, Assessment and Evaluation at California State University, Long Beach. Registration is now open!

Learning outcomes are critical components of accreditation. Accrediting agencies, universities, and colleges have solidified through policies and procedures that student learning must be demonstrated. But, are cognitive learning outcomes appropriate for all learning? Values, emotions, attitudes, and states of mind are constructs that are more than a combination of cognitive elements. However, we have relied on cognitive learning outcomes despite numerous calls to action for including all learning domains. Higher education remains laser-focused on cognition. What does it mean to incorporate affective learning? How is affective learning different from cognitive learning? As we confront issues of injustice, affective learning has never been more crucial.
As a result of this conversation, we anticipate that participants will possess agency to:
  • Differentiate the Affective Learning Domain
  • Weigh the practical considerations of affective learning outcomes assessment (ALO)
  • Challenge assumptions of a cognitive-only learning outcomes assessment paradigm (ALO)