Thank you for your interest in the benchmarking projects. Please only use the form below if your campus is ready to sign-up and participate in a benchmarking study. If you have questions, please e-mail

Please note that you may need to go through an institutional review board process (IRB) to participate in a benchmarking project. While your college/university still 'owns' the data, by participating in a benchmarking study your college/university is agreeing to be part of an aggregate dataset that may be used for presentations and publications. At no point, however, will the name of your college/university be revealed alongside your students' data. All benchmarking data is only reported in aggregate.
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There is a fee to participate in the benchmarking studies. Baseline Member Campuses on an annual license may participate in benchmarking studies at no additional charge. If you are unsure whether you campus is a Baseline Member Campus, you may check the box below and/or contact a senior administrator on your campus.

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