Question 1

Question 2

Would you attend any of the following Pokemon themed events? (Select all that apply)

Question 3

Would you be interested in an evening trip to a nearby haunted house/attraction for a discounted price?

Question 4

Which of these homecoming week events would you participate in? (Select all that apply)

Question 5

Would you attend an event featuring local Lexington restaurants and shops where you could try new foods and meet new organizations?

Question 6

What trivia topic interests you the most? (Select all that apply)

Question 7

Which speaker would you like to come to campus for SpeakBlue?

Question 8

Would you attend an event that was set up like a "selfie museum" where you could walk to different decorated rooms/stations to take pictures?

Women-run selfie museum pop-up in Southfield offers colorful photo  opportunities | The Scene

Question 9

Would you attend a Kentucky themed outdoor event with cornhole and other fun activities?