Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

The University of South Carolina-Columbia is seeking to create the best learning environment and workplace while providing for your safety during COVID-19. The Mental Health and Emotional Wellness Sub-Group has been tasked with assessing the health and overall wellbeing of our students and employees during this time and tracking changes throughout the semester. That is why we are asking for your participation in the Carolina Health and Wellness Survey. We are committed to using the results to make improvements and provide the best resources available to our Carolina community. The survey is voluntary and completely anonymous. We encourage everyone's participation and hope you will take this opportunity to share your input.

Your experience matters. Thank you for your participation.

If you are having IT issues accessing the survey please call: 803-777-1800

If you have accessibility concerns, please reach out to the Disability Resource Center at 803-777-6142

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey please contact one of the chairs of the Mental Health and Emotional Wellness Sub-Group, April Scott (

This survey is for USC-Columbia campus only.

Question 1

I am working/learning:

Question 2

I am a(n):

Question 3

Compared to last week, how confident are you in the University's plan to manage the COVID-19 situation?

Question 4

How much do you agree with the following statement: I am able to cope well with my current stress load:

Question 5

In the last week, how has COVID-19 affected your life? (select all that apply)

Question 6

In the last week, would you say that your mental and emotional health has:

Question 7