This report form is for Academic Year 2020-2021, to include Summer Session 2021

In the Department of Communications, our students have many learning opportunities that supplement the curriculum and extend learning outside of the classroom. The Undergraduate Curriculum and Assessment Committee seeks help from the faculty and student organization leadership in documenting this Co-Curricular Engagement.

Co-Curricular Engagement involves activities that engage students in concept and skill development outside of the regular classroom and curriculum to support the desired learning outcomes.

Co-Curricular Engagement can happen in person or virtually (such as via Zoom).

Some examples include:
  • Industry professionals who serve as guest speakers for a class
  • Student field trips to a conference, special event, or professional workplace
  • Involving students in job shadowing or mock interviews
  • Participation by students in AdClub, ETC, Latino Journalists, PRSSA, SPJ, or similar paraprofessional activities
Please take a few moments to document a specific co-curricular event, activity, or visit by a guest expert. If you don't have all the information asked for here, that's ok! Just enter what you can.

We are most concerned with undergraduate engagement. However, faculty are welcome to submit reports for graduate courses/ students.

Documenting Co-Curricular Engagement is very important for our assessment and accreditation efforts because it shows that student learning doesn't stop at the classroom door.

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How should we categorize the event / activity / guest expert about which you are providing information? Use the choices below.

Question 9

Below you will see the Department's eight undergraduate Program Learning Outcomes [PLOs]. We would like to know which outcomes seem to have been best met by the event / activity / guest expert you are reporting.

You need not identify more than three. We realize there's some overlap. This is an identification of basic outcomes, in your opinion, and not a ranking.

If you are reporting on a graduate course experience, you may skip this step.

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