Please read and respond carefully as this information will be directly reported to SEVIS and may not be corrected there after!

To ensure that your employment information has been submitted successfully to SEVIS, you MUST complete up to the last page of the STEM OPT employment information report and click "NEXT". Otherwise, the information you have reported may be lost.

While on STEM OPT, the student must report any changes in the student's personal information and employment information to the online report form within 10 days of the change(s). Failure to do so may affect your OPT status.

Note that you are also required to report your employment information every 6 months, even if your employment information remains the same. Also, you may report it earlier if there are any changes to your employment information.

Please be reminded: STEM OPT students can use the SEVP Portal to update your current address, personal phone number and to REVIEW employment information ONLY. Please DO NOT update any employment information on the SEVP Portal.

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